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3D Printer Unboxing: Wanhao Duplicator I3
Image 1
The box I received. It looked pretty well packed.

Image 2
Upon opening it, I found an assembly quick guide. The guide was okay, but the pictures were a little low resolution.

Image 3
More packing. Still looking good!

Image 4
This is the accessory box that was included (spool holder, usb cable, microSD card, screws, allen wrenches, etc).

Image 5
There were also two extra BuildTak sheets and some sample filament included.

Image 6
Everything was removed from the box and sat on a desk.

Image 7
The first step was to slide the vertical and horizontal frames together.

Image 8
Next, the four screws (pictured above) had to be installed.

Image 9
This does require turning the printer on its side. Be careful not to let it fall over.

Image 10
All the motor and limit switch cables had to be connected.

Image 11
More cable connections...

Image 12
Mounted the spool holder. I put mine on top of the frame, but you can also put it on top of the control box.

Image 13
I had to move my z-axis limit switch up before homing the printer. Make sure you check this.

Image 14
Printing their included test pattern! Note: their included microSD card did not work for me. The print job never started. I was able to copy the included files onto another microSD card and they started working.

Image 15
Almost there...

Image 16